Main Upgrade Devil Fruit Gallery

X Drake
X Drakebig cr
"Red Flag" X Drake
Crew Info
Profession Swordman
Quality Quality SS
Special Skill X Chain Kill
Location All Blue 2
Secondary Job Captain
Sailing Bonus HP +25%
Attribute Growth


"He possesses what is referred to as a "rare Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit", giving Drake the ability to transform into a theropoda dinosaur."

Upgraded version of Kuro.


X Drake max agi at lvl 100 is 1562

X Drake max agi at lvl 110 is 1633

X Drake max agi at lvl 120 is 1704

X Drake max agi at lvl 130 is 1775

Special Skill

Skill X Drake X Chain Kill
[Monomer]Inflicts 500% Physical Damage to a single target, Str stat increase non-attribute damage (1 str = 10 damage). Reduce target's fury by 50. Chance to do his fury skill again (like Kuro). Chance is increased based on agility.

Devil Fruit

Increase his Agility by 5%. Normal Attack has the chance to deal 2 times the damage.


  • Can make double kill.
  • A good tanker with high hp and high physical defense and moderate magical defense put in front lines.
  • Deal twice in skill.
  • 500 % per 1 hit in skill.
  • Every 1 str can add 10 damage.
  • Fury Controller.
  • With max Agi , 100% make double skill (1000% physical damage and extra non-attribute damage increase by Str.

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