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Van Augur
Van Augurbig cr
"Supersonic" Van Augur
Crew Info
Profession Sniper
Quality Quality S
Special Skill Sonic Shooting
Location All Blue
Secondary Job Gunner
Sailing Bonus Attack +20%
Attribute Growth


"Blackbeard Pirates' sniper who uses his rifle named Senriku to hunt down his target. He even can hit target miles away without being noticed."

If developed correctly, he can be one of the highest single damage dealers in the game.


Van Augur max agi at lvl 100 is 1716

Van Augur max agi at lvl 110 is 1794

Van Augur max agi at lvl 120 is 1872

Van Augur max agi at lvl 130 is 1950

Special Skill

Skill Van Augur Sonic Shooting
[Monomer]Target opponent's crew who has the lowest current HP and deal 20% of their max HP as damage. Agi stat increase the damage percentage.

Damage % = 20% + (base speed) / 500


Damage % = 20% + (Agi) / 50

Calculating with the agi stat from the chart not the attribute development value.

The base speed is without aptitude, gear, shadow or warship bonus. For more info to find the base speed check the Formulas page

Upgraded Skill

Upgrade Skill Van Augur Supersonic Shooting
[Monomer]Attack the crew with the lowest HP and deal 20% of the target's maximum HP(damage increase with agi), causing bleed effect for 2 turns(unable to regain health). Max skill damage is equal to 120% of caster's HP.

Devil Fruit

Increase his Hit by 20%. Normal Attacks have a chance to increase his Block Break by 5% and is stacked until the end of Battle.


  • High speed.
  • High single attack and non attribute damage.
  • Can kill an injured target instantly.
  • Good to team up with DoflamingoZoro, Jinbei and Usopp.
  • Very useful in Battle of Marineford.
  • Upgraded skill can counter any healer.


  • May only kill an already dying crew, doing less than his potential damage.
  • Damage can be reduced by endless sky buff.

Recommended Passive

  • Mind Focus
  • Burst Assault

Recommended Gear Sets

  • Black Moon Set   

Van Augur Rating

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