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Usoppbig cr
Crew Info
Profession Sniper
Quality Quality SS
Special Skill Fire Bird Star
Location All Blue 2
Secondary Job Gunner
Sailing Bonus Attack +25%
Attribute Growth


"Sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates. He's easily frightened and likes to brag himself. However,he has a dream of becoming a 'Brave warrior of the sea' and as strong as his father"

Usopp should be able to deal at least 20k damage on PDEF targets with at least 40k PATK. Information is based on ace with 43k MATK dealing 15k damage to ace with 30k MDEF with only 200% skill damage (keeping in mind that usopp will have at least 400-500% skill damage). Usopp will also require a couple of lvl4-6 PATK shells in each equipment slot.


Ussop max str at lvl 100 is 1672

Ussop max str at lvl 110 is 1748

Ussop max str at lvl 120 is 1824

Ussop max str at lvl 130 is 1900


Ussop max agi at lvl 100 is 2090

Ussop max agi at lvl 110 is 2185

Ussop max agi at lvl 120 is 2280

Ussop max agi at lvl 130 is 2375

Special Skill

Skill Usopp Firebird Star
[Monomer]Attack a random target with 400% physical damage, burn for 2 turns. Every 200 damage recover 1 fury (max 300 fury) Agi stat increase the damage %

Devil Fruit

There is a chance to induce a Depression Debuff to the Target. When his HP is below 30% increase his Physical Attack by 50%


  • Very high speed
  • Recover full fury if damage over 20000. Unlimited skill attack.
  • High fury increase more skill damage.
  • Potential to KO any crew in 1 hit.
  • Works with shiny set (140 ) .
  • After fury skill with 300 fury restored , he can resist against Franky , Shanks ,and other defury , except Jinbei .


  • Random target.
  • Need level 100 with Fire God Set to reach full potential
  • Can be countered by Jinbei.

Recommended Passive

  • Moonwalk (optional for low damage usopp)
  • Fast Chase
  • Mind Focus (optional for low hit usopp)
  • Burst Assault (optional)
  • Rapid Outburst (optional)

Usopp Rating

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    • If usopp increases damage from agility, why do people put fire god sets on him?
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