Team Battle is one of Pockie Pirates seven Online Events.

It starts every day at 03:00am-03:30am, 08:00am-08:30am and 08:00pm-08:30pm.


The players creates teams and fights to earn rewards. Your team will exist of random players and the minimum amount of players you need to start a battle is 3 while the maximum is 5.

You get 10 tries per day. Meaning that if you do 5 at 3:00am, you only got 5 left to do at 8:00am.

This can be bypassed however by using a Sub Doll after using your first 10 tries. A sub doll basicly "attends" the battle for you. Meaning you can still get Team Battle rewards while you are not even logged in. Also, the rewards you get from a sub doll battle are not tied to your 10 daily tries and a summary will be send to you by mail. You can get one as a random reward from salvaging and to use it, you simply tick the Use Sub Doll box on the event screen. 

The battles are played just like in the picture below.

PP, team battle
PP, team battle team creation

 Notice: The damage dealt in the battles does not depend on what ship you own. It depends entirely on your crew just like in normal battles.

Rewards will be given only if your team succeed in defeating your enemies. However, you do not need to wait for the battle to finish, since it's an automatic battle system. You can skip to the reward screen by clicking the Exit Group Fight button in the bottom right corner.

The rewards of the Team Battle is shown as below. Please note that rewards are completely random and only the person that created the team will get the rewards. The other players just act as crew for you to temporarily use.

PP, team battle rewards

Rewards for the team battle:-

  • lv30: Purple shard (1/2) ,Thunder Jade,Lvl.1 Shell Chest .
  • lv50: Purple shard (1/2) ,Emerald,Lvl.1 Shell Chest .
  • Lv70: Orange shard (1/5),Turqoise Jade,Lvl.1 Shell Chest.
  • Lv90: Red shard (1/10),Flaming Jade,Lvl.1 Shell Chest
  • Lv110: Red shard(1/10),Black Jade

Enemy Total HP


  • Jango : 20215 HP
  • Kuro : 19998 HP
  • Buggy : 20541 HP
  • Hatchan : 20541 HP
  • Gin : 20541 HP
  • Krieg : 20107 HP
  • Alvida : 20758 HP
  • Arlong : 20107 HP​


  • Katarina = 39101 HP
  • Drake = 41523 HP
  • Dan Bill = 38881 HP
  • Barbarossa = 40202 HP
  • Singleton = 41083 HP
  • BlackSam = 41083 HP
  • Kid = 40643 HP
  • Zheng Shishi = 39982 HP


  • Moria = 82414 HP 
  • Boa = 80534 HP
  • Croc = 80439 HP
  • Kuma = 82414 HP
  • Marshall D. Teach = 80530 HP
  • Jinbe = 80530 HP
  • Doflamingo = 80530 HP
  • Hawk Eyes Mihawk = 82414 HP


  • Smoker = 169475 HP
  • Tashigi = 169475 HP
  • Morgan = 169295 HP
  • Sharigle = 166534 HP
  • Spandine = 169475 HP
  • Rob Lucci = 169475 HP
  • Domino = 169475 HP
  • Magellan = 166534 HP

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