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Starting with 40 mobility, 3/3 reborn and 3/3 skip.

Seadungeonbattle Battle

Event Description
Sea - Marine Attack "Captain, we're attacked by the marine headquarter fleet. It's said that they are very powerful. Better escape now!"
Note: It is very hard to defeat them, skipping the event is recommended.
Marine Attack
Sea - Marine Attack "Captain, we've met the patrolling marines. Seems like they are coming for no good. We've prepared for the battle!"
Marine Patrol
Sea - Pirates&#039; Trap "Captain! We fell into pirates' trap. We shall beat them first!"
Pirates' Trap

Seadungeonluck Luck

Event Description
Sea - Divine "We run into a mystical stargazer. If we are lucky, we can get extra action times, but if not... Captain, shall we have a try?"
Note: Rock-paper-scissors, if win Mobility +3, if lose Mobility -3
Sea - EXP Bonus "Captain, we are now in the foggy zone. Perhaps we can get double EXP!"
Note: Rock-paper-scissors, if win Double EXP, if lose Regular EXP
EXP Bonus
Sea - Feast "Crews caught tons of seafoods and had a feast. Now the HP is restored by 30%!"
Sea - Sea God&#039;s Magic "Captain! We're enchanted by Sea God. What will be ahead of us?"
Note: Rock-paper-scissors, if win Attack & Defense +10%, if lose Attack & Defense -10%
Sea God's Magic
Sea - Tsunami "The warship is severely damaged by the tsunami. HP is reduced by 30%"

Seadungeonchest Treasure

Event Description
Sea - Big Sale "The sea merchants over there are selling some useful shop items at a great bargain. Go and have a look there?"
Big Sale
Sea - Seek Treasure Chest "Mystical relics encountered! Go explore it and you may get unexpected treasures! Set off now!"
Seek Treasure Chest
Sea - Underwater Treasure "Captain! We find a treasure map! Now we can go to dig the treasure at sea!"
Treasure Map
Sea - Treasure Pointer "Captain, the treasure pointer moved! As long as we can find the place in the map, we may get rich!"
Treasure Pointer
Sea - Underwater Treasure "Seems like the mystery treasure chests contain fantastic treasures. Open it now!"
Underwater Treasure

Seadungeonwarp Teleport

Event Description
Sea - Teleport "Captain, we've entered a mystery teleport array! Where will we be teleported to this time?"

Seadungeonscope Detection

Event Description
Sea - Detection "Captain, it's a nice day! We can see everything around us very clearly!"

Seadungeonboss Boss Battle

Event Description
Seadungeonboss Boss battle, defeat it and get some crystals

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