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North Blue Bar unlocked at Level 80.

Recommended crew:

  • Ace: Skill cannot miss and has a 20% chance of burning them which reduces 10% of target's HP per turn for 2 turns.And is the most powerful crew in the bar.
  • Mihawk: Damages all enemies and reduce enemies physical defense by 20%.
  • Boa Hancock: Deals magical damage and high chance to disable all enemy targets for 1 turn.
  • Blackbeard: Deals high magical damage to a single target as well as stunning and debuffing them for 2 turns.


Name Quality Profession Skill

Acesmall cr

Quality SS Navigator St. Elmo's Fire
Inflict 200% magical damage to all enemies, 20% chance of burning them. Reduce 10% of HP each turn, lasts 2 turns.

Blackbeardsmall cr

Quality SS Navigator Black Vortex
Inflict 300% magical damage to a single target and stuns them for 2 turns. The target will also have their defense reduced by 30% for 2 turns while your magical damage is increased by 50%.

Cricketsmall cr

Quality S Swordman Saruyama Alliance
Deals 200% physical damage to a single target. If there's a buff or debuff on the target, extra damage is dealt (as much as 20% of their maximum HP) and their buff/debuff are cleared.

Hancocksmall cr

Quality SS Navigator Love-Love Mellow
Deal 150% magical damage to all targets. There's a high chance to turn enemies into stone statues for 1 turn, also add them with 50% physical and magical defense.

Kakusmall cr

Quality S Swordman Gekirin
Attack a single target and deal 400% physical damage. Reduce target's physical defend by 50% for 2 turns.

Magellansmall cr

Quality S Navigator Poison Dragon
Inflict 100% magical damage and reduce their current HP by 10% for 2 turns. After that the target will recieve extra 1500 damage.

Masirasmall cr

Quality A Swordman Monkey Punch
Inflict 50% physical damage to the target and increase both physical and magical defense of the skill's user by 100%. Lasts 2 turns.

Mihawksmall cr

Quality SS Swordsman Black Sword·Flash
Inflict 200% physical damage to all enemies and reduce 20% physical defense. Lasts 2 turns.

Moriahsmall cr

Quality S Doctor Shadow Asgard
Add physical attack, magical attack of all your allies by 30%. Lasts 2 turns.

Mr. 5small cr
Mr. 5

Quality A Sniper Silent Bomb
Inflict 150% physical damage to the target and has a certain chance to stun enemies 3 turns. If not, the skill's user will be stunned for 3 turns.

Rob Luccismall cr
Rob Lucci

Quality S Swordman King Pistol
Inflict 300 - 600% physical damage to a single target and has a chance to stun target for 1 turn.

Shoujousmall cr

Quality A Navigator Havoc Sonar
Decrease physical defense and magical defense of all enemies by 30%. Lasts 2 turns.

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