Available: 9:30 AM and 6:30PM every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday

Duration: 30 minutes

The Battle of Marineford is extremely dangerous, but for those pirates who are successful, the booty is plentiful – EXP, silver and treasure chests! Whichever side deals the most damage receives an extra Gold Treasure Chest, with the top performers in the Battle obtaining individual rewards too.


The event itself starts off with both affiliations being pitted against a HUGE number of marine forces, includingTashigi and Smoker.

Next, you’re off against the Shichibukai.

Each is backed by elite guards and all have plenty of HP to spare, so you’ll need some coordination (and people) if you plan on getting the last hit for your affiliation.

Finally, you’ll face off against Admiral Aokiji (Kuzan) himself.

Like Whitebeard, his special skill (Ice Age) is a 1-hit kill. However, there’s no damage cap, which gives both affiliations a fighting chance to bring him down.

And the prize for landing the final kill? Take him down and find out yourself!

Additional Prizes for the Top 3 in individual rankings(not including the faction silver/gold chest): 

1st place: 3 damage rank chests 

2nd place: 2 damage rank chests

3rd place: 1 damage rank chest

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