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Main Upgrade Devil Fruit Gallery
Luffybig cr
Monkey D Luffy
Crew Info
Profession Sniper
Quality Quality SSS
Special Skill Gum-Gum Jet Pistol
Location Auction House\Compose Crew Card
Secondary Job Captain
Sailing Bonus Cri.Damage+50%
Attribute Growth


Max Stats

110 130 2599 2824 322 350 1449 1575 2070 2250


Skill Luffy Rubber Rocket
Three Special Skills
*Gear 1-Jet Pistol

Attacks a single target, deals 500% physical damage. There is a 75% chance to enter gear 2: speed + 100%. There is a 25% chance to enter gear 3: physical pierce + 10%. Percentage of damage increases with crew's strength and agility. Restores100 fury.

**Gear 2-Jet Bullet

When in gear 2, attack a row of enemies dealing 400% + speed*100%. Stuns the target for one round, also weakens an enemy (unable to move, reduce physical and magical defense by 50%, cannot be removed ) for 1 round. Caster will be weakened for 1 round and 2nd gear status will deactivate after an attack.

***Gear 3-Bone Balloon

When in 3rd gear, deals 300% physical damage to all targets, decreases enemy fury by 100 points. Percentage of damage increases with character's strength and agility. Caster will be weakened for 1 round and 3rd gear status will deactivate after an attack.

Devil Fruit

Increases physical pierce by 2%. Has a chance to stun for 1 turn on normal attack.


  • Speed and physical attack bonus from gear 2 stacks until the end of the battle. Most effective crew in Enies Lobby for this reason.
  • After using his first skill, he recovers 100 fury to use gear 2 or gear 3 special skill.
  • Gear 3 reduces all opponents fury by 100.
  • Gear 3 is the highest physical damage dealer (AOE) skill in game.


  • After using gear 2 or 3, he is weakened (unable to move, reduce physical and magical defense by 50%) and this debuff cannot be removed.
  • Unpredictable.

Recommended Passives

  • Rapid Outburst (Speed improves the damage in gear 2)
  • Fast Chase
  • Moonwalk

Recommended Set

  • Black Moon Set
  • Fire God Set

Synthesize List

East Blue Bar
Helmeppo 0
Alvida (fat) 0
Sham 38
Buchi 38
Mohji 47
Jango 44
Cabaji 47
Morgan 49
South Blue Bar
Chew 22
Kuroobi 28
Bala 85
Hatchan 29
Kuro 51
Wapol 0
West Blue Bar
Mr. 3 12
Foxy 12
Accino 4
Dalton 4
Bellamy 1
Kohza 1
North Blue Bar
Mr. 5 6
Masira 5
Shojou 4



1011355 622172924489026 61756191 n
1001688 622175947822057 1040465934 n



Luffy's special in action.

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