You can claim your login reward once per day after the daily reset of server(currently its 5:00am GMT-6 in international servers). Each week you can claim in total just from these rewards 200 gold, 5 training potion,3 vitality potion and 70 basic silver cards. If you fail to claim one day the rewards will be reset to day 1.


'Day 1: 2 Gold Card

'Day 2: 2 Gold Card and 5 Training Potions

'Day 3: 3 Gold Card and 1 Vitality Potion

'Day 4: 3 Gold Card and 15 Basic Silver Cards

'Day 5: 3 Gold Card and 1 Vitality Potion

'Day 6: 3 Gold Card and 50 Basic Silver Cards

'Day 7: 5 Gold Card and 1 Vitality Potion

  • Vitality Potion: Gives 20 Vitality Points.
  • Basic Silver Cards: Gives 5000 Silver.
  • Gold Card: Gives 10 Gold per Gold Card.
  • Training Potion: Can be used to train crew members.

Daily task