Access the logbook from this icon.

All your recruited crew will be kept here. If you've fired them, convene now it's free. Change your character outlook by clicking the Transform button, it costs a transform card or 10G. When you get an All Blue crew, they will go into your logbook directly.

Logbook - Crew
​Rene Protagonist ​Alvida(fat) ​Helmeppo ​Morgan
​Cabaji ​Mohji Buggy ​Sham ​Buchi
​Jango Gin ​Kuro ​Pearl Krieg
Page - 2
​Hatchan ​Kuroobi ​Chew Arlong ​Alvida
Wapol Tashigi Vivi Crocodile ​Accino
Enel ​Mr.3 Mr.2 Mr.1 ​Kohza
Page - 3
​Dalton Smoker Mihawk Blackbeard Ace
Hancock Mr.5 Masira ​Shoujou Magellan
Moriah Rob Lucci Robin Chopper Franky
Page - 4
Kuma Doflamingo Jinbei Van Augur Burgess
Doc Q Laffitte Shura Satori Ohm
Gedatsu ​Bellamy Cricket Trafalgar Law Perona

Page - 5

Foxy Zoro Sanji Usopp Nami
Brook Aokiji Kaku Akainu Kizaru
X Drake Hawkins Jozu Marco

You can get now Kizaru for free when you have 65 crew members.

Kuzan and Akainu only in the event.

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