Name Description & Note Unlocked
Legion - Territory Expansion
Territory Expansion
Raise Pirate Group Level and the crew number cap Lv 1
Note: Unlock more skills with each level and raises the cap on the number of your crew
Legion - Revenue Contribution
Revenue Contribution
Contribute extra silver from taxation to pirate group for territory expansion Lv 10
Note: Certain chances at taxation lets you contribute 10% of the silver you earned from taxation to Territory Expansion (Does not reduce the amount of silver you earn)
Legion - Revenue Increase
Revenue Increase
Increase silver income for taxation Lv 10
Note: Increase 0.2% silver per level
Legion - Golden Voyage
Golden Voyage
Increase Regular Income of merchant fleet Lv 20
Note: Increase 0.2% prestige per level
Legion - Trade Contribution
Trade Contribution
There's certain odds of generating extra regular income to contribute to pirate group for gold voyage construction when merchant fleet is open for trade Lv 20
Note: Increase the chance of silver donation during fishing (Does not reduce the amount of silver you earn)
Legion - Fishing Technology
Fishing Technology
Yield more silver from fishing Lv 30
Note: Increase 0.2% silver per level
Legion - Construction Speedup
Construction Speedup
Increase the amount of contributed silver for pirate group construction Lv 50
Note: Each level increases 1% of maximum silver you can donate each day
Legion - Prestige Upgrade
Prestige Upgrade
Obtain more prestige in the battle Lv 60
Note: Increase 0.3% prestige per level