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Lafittebig cr
Crew Info
Profession Navigator
Quality Quality S
Special Skill Funeral
Location All Blue
Secondary Job Navigator
Sailing Bonus HP +20%
Attribute Growth


"Blackbeard Pirates' navigator. He can fly with the wings on his back."

Lafitte is one of the best crew in AB to have...don't be fooled by his S rank.

Max Stats (S)

level INT
100 2112
110 2208
120 2304
130 2400
140 2496

Max Stats (SS)

level INT
100 2342
110 2438
120 2534
130 2630
140 2726

Special Skill

Skill Laffitte Funeral
[Monomer] Deals 300% magic damage to a single target. Can critical hit. Restores 100 Fury on hit. Damage increases with INT.

Upgraded Skill

Upgrade Skill Laffitte Death's Roar
[Monomer] Deals 400% magic damage to a single target. Can critical hit. Restores 100 Fury on hit. Damage increases with INT.

Devil Fruit

Increase his Magical Attack by 10%. There is a chance to increase the Critical Rate by 5% when being damaged and the effect is stacked until the end of the battle.


  • Deals very high single target damage.
  • Fury skill can critical hit, dealing high damage and can be further increased by Tactics passive.
  • Fury skill will recover 100 Fury on hit, allowing him to use his Fury skill every round.
  • Good Devil Fruit. (+10% MATK is huge, even if the second effect is kinda weak.)


  • Fury skill can be dodged - dealing no damage and not recovering Fury.
  • Fury skill can be blocked - dealing low damage but still recovering Fury.
  • As being supposed to have high Fury each turn, he can be countered quite easily by fury controllers like Jinbei or Kizaru.
  • Rapidly falls behind without proper developing and equipment:
    • Fury skill does not cause any status effects (buffs/debuffs);
    • Fury skill deals percentaged damage only;
    • Fury skill deals low damage when not critical hit.
  • As relying on critical hit:
    • Have to use 120 set (black moon) for maximum effectiveness and cannot take 140 set (shiny);
    • An opponent enhanced warship and shiny set (both increasing anti-crit) reduces his effectiveness.

Recommended Passives

  • Shelter of Gods (primary) + Tactics (secondary)
  • Tactics (primary) + Flame Power (secondary)
    • alternative passives when having a crew with debuff removal, recommend when having 2 or more.


Laffitte Rating

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