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Jinbeibig cr
"Knight of the Sea" Jinbei
Crew Info
Profession Swordsman
Quality Quality SS
Special Skill Shark Fist
Location All Blue
Secondary Job Chief Mate
Sailing Bonus Sailing Speed +4%
Attribute Growth


"A "Shichibukai" and captain of Fishman Pirates. With the great strength to destroy a whole pirate group with one strike, he's adept at "Fishman Karate" and "Fishman Judo."


Jimbei max agi at lvl 100 is 1118

Jimbei max agi at lvl 110 is 1242

Jimbei max agi at lvl 120 is 1296

Jimbei max agi at lvl 130 is 1350

Special Skill

Skill Jinbei Shark Fist
[Monomer]Inflict 300% physical damage + Target's fury x 200 non attribute damage to the highest fury target. Target's fury is reset to 0.

Upgrade Special Skill

Upgrade Skill Jinbe Secret Technique - Buraikan
[Monomer]Inflict 500% physical dmg + Target's fury x 300 non attribute damage to the highest fury target. Target's fury is reset to 0 and target cannot recover fury for 2 round(same debuff as Perona)

Devil Fruit

There is a chance to regain 25 Fury when being attacked. Normal Attack has a 50% chance to Stun the Target for 1 round.


  • Resets the fury of the crew with the highest fury.
  • High non-attribute damage on high fury crew.
  • Can counter any infinite fury crew (such as Laffitte and Usopp).


  • Unpredictable target.
  • No extra damage if all target released their skill.
  • Need to be faster than all of your opponent crew.
  • Skill not work for Garp with DF.

Recommended Passive

  • Stout
  • Mirror Soul
  • Warlord's Power
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