New Pet System, pet gives addition stat to prot. There are a total of 4 pets currently available. Every player will start with Chouchou unlocked at level 30. Carue (magical pet) and Moomoo (physical pet) are available in VIP shop for 888G (698G in asian server) or through the Pirates Shop for 40 Golden Beans ($40). Kungfu Dugong (Speed pet) is available through the Pirates Shop for 60 Golden Beans (60$). It could also be obtained through an earlier top-up event (60000 top-up),


Enter the pet interface from this dog icon.


Development interface,

A: Stats given to prot (hp, att, def, crit, hit and speed)

B: Pet's stat

C: Develop pet with items. Green energy ball give less stat growth. Purple gives more.

D: Pet's total stat (Dog 22500, Carue, Cow, Seal 40000)


E: Pet listing

F: Activity with pet to get some pet's item. 5 times per day.

G: Pet's active and passives skill (unlock with 250G, 500G and 750G)


H: Select island for adventure. Consume silver to gain exp for pet. Silver requirement get higher every 10 levels.

I: Refresh the islands with 5G (increasing in incrementals of 5G)

J: Adventurer combination bonus.

Adventure Islands Combo

By completing different combos, a multiple of rewards can be obtained including pet experience, energy balls, passive and active skill books. The difficulty of the combos will be judged by the amount of stars of the combo. A 2-Stars Combo requires a chain of 2 islands, 3-Stars Combo requires a chain of 3 islands and so on.

Islands combo

The combo being carried out is a 4-Star Combo: Giants Island -> Jaya -> Ice Island -> Sand Island = Passive Skill Book.

A: Adventure Islands Selected

B: Combo being performed

C: Adventure Islands available for combo

To start a combo you need to have the required chain of islands from the combo list as illustrated by the last 3 islands in A. To complete the combo select Sand Island as next Adventure Island and the Passive Skill Book will be obtained.

Selectable Islands in C will refresh when server refreshes i.e. at 0:00 server time. After completing a combo another combo will randomly replace it including the one just completed. Combo lists will also reset after each maintenance.

Skillbook 1

One simple trick is to start your combo after server maintenance. Choose your combo and get at least 2 of the islands. Then wait for server refresh. 5 to 10 gold per day may be used to increase chance of obtaining skill book as shown in the picture (only 4 islands have been used).

Pet Evolution

Pet is able to evolve from 1star to 2 stars during lv60. Level will be reset to lv1 and the max stat growth increase. Chouchou increases from 22500 to 30000. Carue, Moomoo and Dugong are increased from 34500 to 40000. Magelo and Gonbe are increased from 40000 to 50500. The next evolution from 2stars to 3stars is during lv80.

Pet Synthesis


Rules of synthesis

  1. After the synthesis process, pet in the 2nd column will disappear.
  2. 70% of its stat will be distributed to the main pet randomly
  3. If the main pet's lv is lower, then its level will be increase same to the sub pet.
  4. Main pet's lv wont drop if it is lower.
  5. Pay 2000G for perfect synthesis, which transfer 100% developed stat.
  6. Active skill, Passive skill, and lock slot are not transferable.

Pets (Beast Guardian)

Pet starts in an egg form before lv 20. Different pet comes with different default active skill

Pet Egg

Pet Chouchou Pet Mohmoo Pet Carue Pet Dugong Gonbe Megalo Mushroom Beast Pappug Hiking Bear
ChouChou Momoo Carue Dugong Gonbe Megalo Mushroom Pappug Hiking Bear South Bird
All-rounder All-rounder All-rounder All-rounder Attacking Attacking

Pet's growth stat and default skill. Higher growth stat will give better boost to prot.


Str Int Agi Phy Luc Default Skill
ChouChou 500 500 500 500 500

Life Chain

Momoo 1600 400 600 800 600 Wave Blessing
Carue 400 1600 600 800 600 Elimination
Dugong 600 600 1600 800 400 Enrage
Megalo 2400 600 900 1200 900 All-out Strike
Gonbe 600 2400 900 1200 900 Joint Will Strike
Chew 3000 900 1500 1500 1200 All-out Strike
South Bird 900 3000 1500 1500 1200 Joint Will Strike
Mushroom 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 All-out Strike
Pappug 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 All-out Strike
Hiking Bear 3600 3600 3600 3600 3600 Illusion
  • pet's stat and bonus stat are different. Chouchou max total stat is 22500; Momoo, Carue and Dugong is 34500; Megalo and Gonbe is 40000

Active Skill

Pet's active skill. Max at lv5. Every hit (normal and AOE) taken by prot will increase 25 fury for the pet. Active skill will be released immediately once the fury reach 100 or every 4 hits taken.

Supportive skill

Skills that can be learnt by All-rounder pets type.

Icon Active Skill Description
Petskill heal Life Chain Heal 2000 hp per lv
Petskill bless Wave Blessing 30% chance to remove 1 debuff, increase 15% per level
Petskill defury Enrage Recover 10 fury per lv
Petskill fury Elimination

Remove target's 15 fury per lv

Attacking Skill

Skills that can be learnt by attacking pets type.

Icon Name Proc % Description
Petskill critical All-out Strike 40% + 10% * (skill level-1) Attack target with (20% pet's physical attack + 1500) non-attribute damage + 25% of prot physical defend as physical damage. Odd to stun target for 1 turn. Damage and Stun rate are increased by level.
Petskill Focus Joint Will Strike 40% + 10% * (skill level-1) Attack target with (30% pet's magical attack + 3000) non-attribute damage. Odd chance to deal extra 25% magical damage of prot magical attack. Damage and extra damage rate are increased by level.
Petskill medusa Medusa's Eye 20% + 5% * (skill level-1) Attack a row of enemy, causing (10% pet's magical attack + 750) non-attribute damage. Odd to stone the targets for 1 turn. Stone rate and damage are increased by level.
Petskill defend Arms on Fire 100% Increase prot physical attack by 10% pet's physical attack + 1000. % is increased by level

Defensive Skill

Icon Name Description

Active skills affect your protagonist only except Elimination, All-out Strike and Joint Will Strike, which affects the 1st enemy target in front of your protagonist, and Medusa's Eye, which attacks the row of enemies in front of your protagonist.

There is total of 5 levels for active and passive skill. To lv up active and passive skills, use the corresponding skill book. The chance of success is lowered the higher the skill's level. To change your active and passive skills also just use another skill book. 

Passive Skill

Pet's passive skill, can be learnt by all pets. Max at level 5.

Passive Skill Description
Petskill damage Inspiration Increase 10% attack when prot hp below 50%
Petskill hit Bull's Eye Aura, all crew increas 4% hit
Petskill blockpierce Destruction 10% chance to activate 2% block break
Petskill block Guardian's Domain Aura, all crew increase 2% block

Skill Level

  • Primary = Rank 1
  • Medium = Rank 2
  • Advanced = Rank 3
  • Mega = Rank 4
  • Star Level = Rank 5


ActionpetPet skill

Pet in battle


Pet in the town

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