Gear enhancement is completed via enhancement system in Pockie Pirate.


Click "Enhance" button to open the interface.


1. Gear enhancement can increase crew’s certain attributes based on the gear type. The attributes prior to and after enhancement will be displayed on the right side.

2. Unequipped gear is easy to enhance, but enhancement costs a certain amount of money and can also fail to enhance.

3. The success rate will affect the result of enhancement and is floating within a range. When the figure is 91, it means the success rate of enhancement is 91%. The success rate applies to all servers. Players can spend gold increasing the success rate to 100%.

4. Sometimes the Item enhancement gives you an "Crit +2" which doubles the item enhancement without paying double. (VIP 2 and above)

5. For each enhancement, 2 minutes of cooldown will be added until it reaches 20 minutes. Then enhancement is not available. Players have to wait until the cooldown is over and unlock new enhancement array.

6. VIP 4 enhance without cooldown.