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Doc Q
Doc Qbig cr
"Reaper" Doc Q
Crew Info
Profession Doctor
Quality Quality S
Special Skill Death Apple
Location All Blue
Secondary Job Controller General
Sailing Bonus Cargo Capacity +20%
Attribute Growth


"Blackbeard Pirates' doctor who uses a scythe and explosive apples as his weapon. He always pretends as if he is dying. So does his horse."

Max Stats (S)

level INT
100 1980
110 2070
120 2160
130 2250
140 2340

Max Stats (SS)

level INT
100 2376
110 2484
120 2592
130 2700
140 2808

Special Skill

Skill Doc Q Death Apple
[Monomer]Deal magical damage = self max hp x 2, or heal the target with the same amount. Int stat increase the damage chance. Chance of 1400 int is about 60-70%. Damage is affected by damage reduction skill.

Note: Damage now seems non-elemental, so it's not affected by damage reduction skills anymore.

Upgraded Skill

Upgrade Skill Doc Q Death Trap
[Monomer]Certain chance to cause non attribute damage of 4 times health. If miss, target will regain 50% health of your crew highest health crew. Hit rate increases with int.

Devil Fruit

Increase his HP by 5%. When his HP is below 30% the damage received is reduced by 30%


  • Very high non-elemental damage, with a high HP.
  • If the skill succeed, most of the times he deals 1hit KO.


  • Too much reliability on luck.
  • Skill can miss and recover hp to the enemy.
  • Skill can be dodged.
  • Skill doesn't work on Kuma with DF ( deal just 35% of Kuma's max HP ).

Recommended Passive

  • Holy Counter
  • Inspiration

Doc Q Rating

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