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In the new chapter we will be able to upgrade crew for better base stats and skills. Upgrade member rank (From S -> SS , and from SS -> SSS). The Crew Upgrading System is unlocked at 60lvl.

Note : each member can be upgraded only once , so you can't upgrade S rank member to SSS.

In the game 2 new icons will apear(for DF and Crew Upgrade). By pressing this you will enter into mini-game.


  •  Current amount of red crystals you have (Required to upgrade SS rank member to SSS)(1)
  •  Current amount of orange crystals you have (Required to upgrade S rank member to SS)(2)
  •  Amount of crystal you get(3)
  •  Amount of prestige you get(4)
  •  Amount of silver you get(5)
  •  Game starting button(6)
  •  Increase gain by 4x and 9x by paying 40gold and 90gold(7)

Each day you have 10 tries . You can get 2x orange or 2 red crystals .

Also each daily  task milestone gives you 2 orange crystal .

Crew Upgrade Requirements


So the requirements to upgrade are :


To upgrade (Buggy , Gin , Satori , Shura etc) you need:

  • lvl 50 Buggy , Gin etc.
  • 100 orange crystals 
  • 200.000 prestige


To upgrade (Krieg , Arlong , Gedatsu , Ohm, Slim Alvida , Tashigi etc) you need:

  • lvl 50 Krieg , Arlong etc.
  • 200 orange crystals
  • 400.000 prestige


To upgrade S rank member (Vivi , Smoker , Mr.1 etc) you need:

  • lvl 70 Vivi , Smoker , Mr.1
  • 300 orange crystals
  • 800.000 prestige

To upgrade SS rank member (Crocodile , Enel etc) you need:

  • lvl 70 Crocodil , Enel.
  • 600 red crystals
  • 1.000.000 prestige


To upgrade S rank member (Moriah , Kaku etc) you need:

  • lvl 80 Moriah , Kaku etc.
  • 400 orange crystals
  • 1500000 prestige

To upgrade SS rank member (Ace , Mihawk , Boa , BlackBeard etc) you need:

  • lvl 80 Ace , Mihawk etc.
  • 800 red crystals
  • 2.000.000 prestige


At the moment only 5 S members can be upgraded. For S rank AB members (Perona , Jesus Burgess , Van augur , Doc q , Laffitte) you need:

  • lvl 100 Perona , Burgess , etc.
  • 500 orange crystals
  • 500 FAME

For SS rank AB members (Franky, Robin, Kuma, Chopper, Law, Doflamingo, Jinbe) you need:

  • lvl 100 Franky, Robin etc.
  • 800 red crystals
  • 2400 FAME

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