Doctor Fsmall cr Doctor F Doctor Msmall cr Doctor M
Navigator Fsmall cr Navigator F Navigator Msmall cr Navigator M
Sniper Fsmall cr Sniper F Sniper Msmall cr Sniper M
Swordsman Fsmall cr Swordsman F Swordsman Msmall cr Swordsman M

Bar Crew

Accinosmall cr Accino Acesmall cr Ace Alvidasmall cr Alvida
Alvida (Fat)small cr Alvida (Fat) Arlongsmall cr Arlong Kumasmall cr Bartholomew Kuma
Bellamysmall cr Bellamy Hancocksmall cr Boa Hancock Brooksmall cr Brook
Buchismall cr Buchi Buggysmall cr Buggy Burgesssmall cr Burgess
Cabajismall cr Cabaji Chewsmall cr Chew Choppersmall cr Chopper
Cricketsmall cr Cricket Crocodilesmall cr Crocodile Daltonsmall cr Dalton
Doc Qsmall cr Doc Q Doflamingosmall cr Doflamingo Enelsmall cr Enel
Foxysmall cr Foxy Frankysmall cr Franky Gedatsusmall cr Gedatsu
Ginsmall cr Gin Hatchansmall cr Hatchan Helmepposmall cr Helmeppo
Jangosmall cr Jango Jinbeismall cr Jinbei Kakusmall cr Kaku
Kohzasmall cr Kohza Kriegsmall cr Krieg Kurosmall cr Kuro
Kuroobismall cr Kuroobi Laffittesmall cr Laffitte Magellansmall cr Magellan
Blackbeardsmall cr Marshall D Teach Mihawksmall cr Mihawk Mohjismall cr Mohji
Morgansmall cr Morgan Moriahsmall cr Moriah Mr. 1small cr Mr. 1
Mr. 2small cr Mr. 2 Mr. 3small cr Mr. 3 Mr. 5small cr Mr. 5
Namismall cr Nami Ohmsmall cr Ohm Pearlsmall cr Pearl
Peronasmall cr Perona Rob Luccismall cr Rob Lucci Robinsmall cr Robin
Masirasmall cr Salvage King Masira Sanjismall cr Sanji Satorismall cr Satori
Shamsmall cr Sham Shurasmall cr Shura Smokersmall cr Smoker
Shoujousmall cr Sonar King Shoujou Lawsmall cr Trafalgar Law Usoppsmall cr Usopp
Van Augursmall cr Van Augur Vivismall cr Vivi Wapolsmall cr Wapol
Zorosmall cr Zoro

Other NPC

Npc10004small cr Npc10005small cr Npc10006small cr Npc10007small cr Npc10008small cr Npc10009small cr Npc10014small cr Npc10015small cr
10004 10005 10006 10007 10008 10009 10014 10015
Npc10018small cr Npc10019small cr Npc10021small cr Npc10034small cr Npc10036small cr Npc10037small cr Npc10040small cr Npc10041small cr
10018 10019 10021 10034 10036 10037 10040 10041
Npc10060small cr Npc10061small cr Npc10062small cr Npc10063small cr Npc10070small cr Npc10071small cr Npc10072small cr Npc10075small cr
10060 10061 10062 10063 10070 10071 10072 10075
Npc10076small cr Npc10077small cr Npc10080small cr Npc10084small cr Npc10120small cr Npc10133small cr Npc10134small cr Npc10135small cr
10076 10077 10080 10084 10120 10133 10134 10135
Npc10136small cr Npc10143small cr Npc10666small cr
10136 10143 10666

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