Doctor Fmed cr Doctor F Doctor Mmed cr Doctor M
Navigator Fmed cr Navigator F Navigator Mmed cr Navigator M
Sniper Fmed cr Sniper F Sniper Mmed cr Sniper M
Swordsman Fmed cr Swordsman F Swordsman Mmed cr Swordsman M

Known Character

Accinomed cr Accino Acemed cr Ace Alvidamed cr Alvida
Alvida (Fat)med cr Alvida (Fat) Aokijimed cr Aokiji Arlongmed cr Arlong
Kumamed cr Bartholomew Kuma Bellamymed cr Bellamy Bluenomed cr Blueno
Hancockmed cr Boa Hancock Brookmed cr Brook Buchimed cr Buchi
Buggymed cr Buggy Burgessmed cr Burgess Cabajimed cr Cabaji
Chewmed cr Chew Choppermed cr Chopper Cricketmed cr Cricket
Crocodilemed cr Crocodile Daltonmed cr Dalton Doc Qmed cr Doc Q
Doflamingomed cr Doflamingo Enelmed cr Enel Foxymed cr Foxy
Frankymed cr Franky Fullbodymed cr Fullbody Gedatsumed cr Gedatsu
Ginmed cr Gin Hatchanmed cr Hatchan Helmeppomed cr Helmeppo
Jangomed cr Jango Jinbeimed cr Jinbei Jyaburamed cr Jyabura
Kakumed cr Kaku Kalifamed cr Kalifa Kohzamed cr Kohza
Kriegmed cr Krieg Kuromed cr Kuro Kuroobimed cr Kuroobi
Laffittemed cr Laffitte Luffymed cr Luffy Magellanmed cr Magellan
Blackbeardmed cr Marshall D Teach Mihawkmed cr Mihawk Mohjimed cr Mohji
Morganmed cr Morgan Moriahmed cr Moriah Mr. 1med cr Mr. 1
Mr. 2med cr Mr. 2 Mr. 3med cr Mr. 3 Mr. 5med cr Mr. 5
Namimed cr Nami Ohmmed cr Ohm Pearlmed cr Pearl
Peronamed cr Perona Rob Luccimed cr Rob Lucci Robinmed cr Robin
Masiramed cr Salvage King Masira Sanjimed cr Sanji Satorimed cr Satori
Shammed cr Sham Shuramed cr Shura Smokermed cr Smoker
Shoujoumed cr Sonar King Shoujou Tashigimed cr Tashigi Lawmed cr Trafalgar Law
Usoppmed cr Usopp Van Augurmed cr Van Augur Vivimed cr Vivi
Wapolmed cr Wapol Whitebeardmed cr Whitebeard Zoromed cr Zoro

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